Monday, January 10, 2011

The other side

“Along the rocks” Acrylic on canvas.

Copy (2) of PICT0002-2 (2)

Thanks again for all the comments gang, one of which mentioned the view, well this is the view from the other side and it looks fairly serene in this painting I did a few years ago, however this morning it’s cold and the wind is blowing, but at least there’s no frost.

I was very impressed by the painting of the market yesterday by Natasha , I have tried oil pastels several times but have always had a disaster. I like markets, in fact I run a business with my son in law, selling fresh fish on Farmers markets, and before Christmas I had a commission to paint a market stall.

IMG_3884 IMG_3935


The last was taken in different light unfortunately, but at least you get the idea.


  1. Lovely painting, I like the greens.
    You're lucky to have views like that to paint!

  2. Phil, Yes, I, for one, love it when members post finished paintings. It's another way to share who we are as artists. What a wonderful view you're privileged to have before you every day.

  3. This is just lovely, and I always enjoy seeing the works-in-progress! nancy

  4. I love market scenes too. There is just something so festive about them! Very well done!