Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first edm challenge-Paint a tree or trees.


Tree sketch

Edm challenge no 15

Thought I,d show something other than birds on this post, but you cant have trees without birds so I tried to suggest some flying among the tress but it wasn,t very successful.

This is the view from my office/junk room, I have feeders in the trees and when I am working at my computer I love to keep an eye on the birds on and around the feeders.

I sketched this yesterday using a present I got from my kids at Christmas, Promarker pens and a Pilot drawing pen. I really enjoyed using them they are very direct, although  I could do with some other colours.The biggest problem with the markers is that they seep through the paper so you need a card or something underneath ,or you cant use the next pages. Think I will try them on mountboard.

I did this same sketch in 2009 using pen and watercolour, its interesting to compare them.

Tree 2

I have had so many comments on my postings in the last few days and still am not sure where to post back so I will just say a big thank you to all of you who have taken an interest and you can be sure I am taking an interest in your work. I have never been on such an interactive site before.


  1. This is lovely view you have from your window. It would be very tempting to look out the window all day and not work. I like the comparison of the two drawings. This one has so much colour and life

  2. Trees are my favourite! I like the comparison idea, I didn't realise you could get such a good effect from markers. Both are really good.

  3. That must be a wonderful place to work at, with this kind of view! Love the marker sketch and the watercolor version is great, too.
    As for the marker problem: Are they similar to "copic markers"? My sister has some and I know the problem you're describing. Working on stronger paper might help, but there's also a dedicated "marker paper" (I think ie. copic and canson have some). It's quite thin (like normal printing paper) but the markers don't go through. Depends on what you prefer I guess.

    Anyway, keep having fun with your new "toys"! I'm looking forward to seeing the next results! :)

  4. Phil, Thanks for posting both sketches of the same scene with different media. Very interesting. I love the addition of the flying birds in your more recent sketch -- it gives the whole scene a sense of motion.

  5. Revisiting a sketch with a different medium. Wasn't that a previous edm challenge? Wonderfully done.

  6. Both of these are excellent. I find markers difficult,especially with a limited palette, so you deserve extra kudos there!

  7. i'm partial to the
    watercolor sketch - so soft and inviting.

  8. Wonderful work! I, too, am partial to the watercolor sketch.

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