Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Its raining again

Who sang that song, Supertramp wasn’t it? I think they must have been living in Ireland at the time. What would we moan about if we didn’t have weather. Anyway have been sitting at the window again watching the birds on the feeders


There seems to be an heirarchy amongst the house sparrows , they line up on neighbouring branches and take their turn at the feeders. Among the males this seems to depend on seniority, depending on the size of the black bib under the chin, this fellow is a real junior.


The blackbirds however have a free for all and constantly push each other off the apples.

I find birds very hard to capture from life, they are constantly moving so when I manage to get a half decent sketch I then work it up from photos that I have taken of the same bird, I know several bird artists that seem to have photographic memory and are able to get the image down immediately , but I am not one of them.

There seems to be so much activity on EDM at the moment, that it is very hard to keep up with all the images being posted. I have received so much support in the short time I have been posting that I feel it encumbent on me to support others in the same way , so I am trying to look at as many peoples work as possible and commenting when I can.


Here’s a couple of pics of my incredibly tidy studio, with some of my students at work.


This is a very obvious way of pushing the fact that I hold several classes a week , if any body is interested.

My contacts are in my profile.


  1. Love the size of your studio...tiny but filled with LIFE =)
    Awesome pencil art!

  2. Beautiful bird drawings (I can't draw them from life either), and I love the tidiness of your studio. My studio is tidy in the same way! lol nancy

  3. I like the way you've depicted all the detail in the birds' plumage yet the birds still retain that softness of feathers.

  4. Love the sparrows, Phil. And your studio looks awesome! Lucky you.

  5. You have a lovely studio, full of light! I'm with you on the photographic memory, have to rely of photos for details!

  6. You've captured the character of the birds very well. I like the big window in your studio!

  7. Good work with the birds, Phil. You have captured their character rather well. Love the 'creative feel' of your studio.
    We're getting rain here too!

  8. Wonderfully expressive bird drawings! Reminds me I should put our feeders back up so that R2, my second oldest who is really into nature photography, can have some models. Totally jealous of both your studio and those that live near enough to take classes with you!!