Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Every now and then I am forced by ever decreasing space in my studio, to have a bit of a tidy, it’s amazing what turns up. Long discarded sketches and paintings ,that at the time I thought were rubbish, or unfinished or just not good enough, suddenly in a new dawn seem not so bad. That however could all change tomorrow.

Black Winged Stilt

I was in Dubai a few years ago and remember sitting for ages at the side of a small pool in the Emirates Golf Club trying to do justice to these amazing birds, Black Winged Stilts, A very common bird in the Emirates , they are extremely rare in Ireland, so I was somewhat mesmerised by them. After many failed attempts, this sketch was finished, and obviously when I got home discarded, as I only refound it yesterday, a bit worse for wear.


This was another sketch I did at the time, Greater Flamingos, at a place called Khor Dubai, right in the city of Dubai, an amazing wetland area, which unfortunately was close to the Sheiks palace for his horses , so the police kept moving me on, thinking my telescope was a camera. I intended turning this into a semi abstract painting but it never got done. Maybe now.


  1. Beautiful sketches and very interesting stories to go with them!

  2. I like the stilts, I did a little bird in Oregon that I think was also a stilt. There was only one but I sketched him many times in the same puddle. You really captured their form from many angles.

  3. Interesting post and very lovely little painting! I'm so glad you didn't toss it! nancy

  4. I am glad you decided to post these. They are awesome =) And they somehow always seem to contain memories and I find that fascinating